On a truly workstation-oriented, fanless motherboard.

In this brief article, we are going to discuss what follows:

  1. My TR3000 build: how and why I choose my components.
  2. How to run your TR3000 on air well below its termal-throttling threshold, and spare money upon your electricity bill, while at the same time achieving solid acoustic comfort as a bonus

Should I buy one?

To say the least, Zen2-based Threadripper 3000s had astonished the world of computing. While their Zen and Zen+ predecessors managed to live up to their…

Stress-testing the system: Thermal Considerations, Power Consumption, and Deep Learning Performances.

Welcome to Part 2 of my series about building a cheap Deep Learning rig without sacrificing performance and reliability. In case you landed on this page through a search engine, Part 1 is here.

Power Draw Measurements and Cooling Optimizations

Let’s see briefly how much that monster could weigh over my electicity bill. All measuments were taken at the wall outlet by the means of a Fluke power meter.

Learning how to put together a cheap DL rig without compromising about performance and reliability.

A few days ago, a fellow Deep Learning practitioner manifested interest in my latest hardware build, and asked me to write a blog post about it, so here we are. Please, be patient and indulge me!

You will find a lot of blog posts about the same topic (the vast majority of them right here on medium).
They are all interesting and quite instructive, but mine is precisely aimed at showing you how squeeze the most from your next build in terms of bangs for bucks (read it as TFlops per money units).

Here in Part 1 we’ll see how…

Andrea de Luca

AI consultant

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